El Husuba Exchange

With El Husuba Exchange Program, you can try something new with no commitment necessary. Go from one handbag to the next, and say goodbye to luxury monogamy.

How It Works?


Purchase your favorite item now.


Enjoy your new item up to 12 months.


Exchange it for credit worth 65-75% of its purchase price.

El Husuba exchange is a new way of owning your favorite luxury goods, opposite to rentals, you are the owner of the item as soon as you pay the purchase price until you decide to exchange it.

Exchange Periods

0-6 month:  Enjoy your item up to 180 days, exchange it and get up to 75% of your original purchase price.
6-12 month: Exchange your item in between 180 days-365 days and get up to 65% of the original purchase price.  

Send Exchange Request

Please fill this form to submit exchange request, our team will contact you after confirming your purchase.

El Husuba Exchange Terms 

Item must be purchased on this website, www.elhusuba.com

Item must be in the same condition as when it was purchased from elhusuba.com

Items that suffered excessive wear or damage after purchase from El Husuba will be rejected.

Items must pass inspection upon return, to ensure that the condition meets its original condition when purchased.

Order must be placed within last 12 month or your request will be rejected.


For your exchanged items, you will receive elhusuba.com store credits only. There is not cash payments.